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Commercial Shredding & Recycling

 Cardboard Recycling and Document Destruction Services for companies and businesses

Maintaining the integrity of your company's  sensitive information and the Privacy of your customers' personal information are priorities today!   Finding a safe, secure and trustworthy document destruction and recycling solution is critical to your Business!

Residential Shredding & Recycling

Declutter Your Home!  Discard Old Receipts, Record, Software, Safely destroy Tax Returns, Medical & Financial Documents; such as bank statments, and cancelled checks!

Identity theft is big news today.  Who would have believed it, people going through trash to find personal and sensitive information with the intent to illegally use another person's identity?!?  It Happens Every DAYDon't let it happen to you.

Affordable .30 that's right you pay only 30 cents per pound of paper or items shredded.  More Info Here.

Shred Education  Learn the A-B-C's of Shredding and Recycling with ML Shredding and Recycling!

All Plastic is Not Created EqualNOT ALL PLASTIC IS CREATED EQUAL

Did you know that there are different types of Plastics. In fact there are seven (7) different types of plastic.  Actually the 7 types of more like categories because # 7 may include various types of plastic that cannot fit into the other 6 category types. 

The point of this information is that NOT ALL PLASTICS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  

Some are easier to recycle than others.

Stamped on each type of plastic is the recycle symbol and in the center of the symbol is a number from 1-7  Select this Link RECYCLE SYMBOL to see a graphic that identifies each of the types of plastic.


What Should I Shred & When!

Select the Image to the right to see The Federal Trade Commissions's recommendations for What to Shred and When to Shred it! 

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