Millers Lane Shredding & Recycling  |  2501 Millers Lane Suite 101  |  Louisville, KY 40216  |  502.778.2220

About Millers Lane Shredding & Recycling (MLSRKY)

MLSR is a full service shredding and recycling center with the equipment and the facilities to handle your company's, church's, non-profit's or retail business' document destruction, white paper and cardboard recycling needs.  Our 13,000 square foot facility offers three industry standard pieces of equipment: 

  • a high capacity cardboard baler equipped with a conveyor and automatic wire baling system.
  • A Vertical Baler (Down Stroker) delivering a minimum of 2000 psi for high compression bales of various materials.
  • A High capacity paper shredder and baler with a hydraulic bucket & conveyor for heavy duty shredding. 
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